More Kidsdom


And now, for another installment of verbal gems from my three- and five-year-old:


5-year-old: “Mommy, I ate an ice pop a couple of whiles ago.”


Me: “You have a boogie on your upper lip.”

3-year-old: “No, it’s a mustache.” 


3, in the dark from his bed: “Mommy, I think you’re a girl.” 


3: “Is daddy our uncle?”


Me, asking 5: “And what did you do to help daddy with food shopping?”      

Him: “I helped by staying in the shopping cart.”


3, in his bed in the dark surrounded by stuffed animals: “I’m in a snuggle junkyard!”


I told 5 I would be so proud of him if he tells his teacher when he has to use the bathroom. He said “I don’t need to ask, the teachers see me holding my penis and that’s how they know what I have to do.”


Me, to 5: “Please stop playing with that and put it back, it’s not a toy.”

Him: “Mommy, then don’t look, it’s the only way.”


5: “Here Mommy, you get a hug. It’s your second hug of the day.”


5, crying after a fall: “Look, I got a blue-and-black mark.” 


5, chewing chips: “Mommy look, I made chip soup in my mouth – aaaahhhh!”


3, sitting on my lap, kept tapping my boob and said, “It looks like you have a lot of food in there!”


5: “Mommy, if you’re here then I’m gonna marry you.”

Me: “What does ‘get married’ mean?” Him: “It means you become my mommy and I become your daddy.” 

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